30 years ago, on our honeymoon, we stayed at my husbands, Uncle's property, for a night and he had a Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog. It was then that I decided that I wanted one of these dogs. At this time my husband was pig hunting so the Stumpies got put on the backburner. Then, in the 80's, I heard on the radio about the fact that they were doing a redevelopment register, as the breed had nearly disappeared. So fast forward another 20 years and I finally bought my first Stumpy named Buddy. Unfortunately Buddy disappeared one day , so it was back to square one. Then along came Mischief and  I decided to breed with her. She is a beautiful dog but sadly unregistered. That didn't bother me as I didn't care whether she was or not. At that point I didn't know of any males, so I started searching. My local feed shop put me on to someone, and that was when I met Kirsten and Emma who owned Slim. Mischief went on to have 3 litters with Slim, one of which had 6 chocolates and 3 blues. It was a recessive gene that both dogs carried that caused the chocolates. In the meantime the girls and I decided to become partners in this breeding thing. We then decided to become official and Tropicrain was born. There were a lot of hiccups, including a dog  that had not been socialized and ended up costing a fortune and dying anyway, one being rat baited etc. After thousands of dollars and nearly giving up we finally got our three dogs that you see today.