Are Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs for everyone? The short answer is no. Being working dogs they are high energy dogs. They are also very intelligent dogs. This combination makes them a bit of work as they need to be exercised daily or they get up to mischief. They also like to test their boundaries, all the time, just in case you may have changed your mind on that rule. They can be loud and will chase and bark at mowers, leaf blowers etc. They love rounding up everything and tend to chase cars and bite their tyres. They will nip anyone, as they are rounding them up. This is sometimes mistaken for actual nasty biting. They also can get overexcited and run you down. I have been flattened once with many near misses. They are very loyal and will follow you everywhere. They are a one man dog and are very good guard dogs. They absolutely love water and will jump in any puddle of water. So it is good to get one of those little pools if you don't live near water. So, if you want a dog that will be your close companion and you don't mind some hard work and challenges, these dogs are for you as they are so rewarding, that the rest doesn't matter.

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