As we live in Far North Queensland the heat in summer is just too hot for young puppies. Also in the monsoon season not only is it very wet and muddy, we are also cut off by rising floodwaters. So we have made the decision to only breed in the cooler months.

When you buy a pup from us you will receive a photo or video each week of your puppy. All of our dogs are fully profile DNA tested to rule out genetic faults. We have also managed to get onto  very cheap and affordable transport. Once you have ordered a pup from us, you will be asked for a non refundable deposit, as a lot of time is wasted ringing people who have not informed us that they no longer want a pup. We also follow up on our babies to see how they are going and we are quite happy to help out with any issues that may arise. We prefer to have happy owners and happy dogs.

In nearly every litter of ASTCD'S there will be pups with tails. Those pups are still a pedigree ASTCD, with all the same characteristics, just with a tail. These pups will be available on Limited Register. That means that they are at a cheaper price. You will not be able to show or breed with these pups but you will be able to compete in things like agility, flyball and lure coursing etc. We have two litters available right now. So feel free to give us a ring.

 All enquiries are welcome. 

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